Le novità del firmware 4 beta 4 [IN AGGIORNAMENTO]

Da pochi minuti è disponibile la nuova beta del firmware 4 per iPhone ed in questo articolo andremo ad elencare le novità più importanti.

In alto vedete già le prime due novità: a sinistra si nota la cartella Utilities presente di default su iPhone e contenente le applicazioni Orologio, Calcolatrice, Bussola e Memo, mentre a destra vediamo che la sezione sfondi è stata arricchita con nuovi wallpaper.

Un’altra novità è presente nel menu Impostazioni/Messaggi: adesso è possibile disattivare i messaggi di gruppo (per ora solo negli USA). Notevoli miglioramenti riguardano poi l’applicazione Mappe, ora molto più precisa:

Altra novità riguarda il menu dedicato al tethering, che ora mostra alcune opzioni relative all’operatore:

Immagini: la schermata delle immagini può ora essere visualizzata anche in landscape mode. Inoltre è scomparsa la localizzazione delle foto.

Piccola modifica in Safari: effettuando una ricerca tramite il tab in alto (di default Google), il tasto “Annulla” non compare più in alto ma a destra.

Quando si effettua una chiamata, il tasto “Termina” è ora diventato “Fine”.

In generale si notano un miglioramento delle prestazioni e minori crash.

Apple ha anche aggiornato la lista dei bug conosciuti, dedicato logicamente agli sviluppatori:

Starting in Beta 3, the AVAssetReader and AVAssetWriter classes have been removed from the AVFoundation framework.

iTunes 9.1 does not support folders. Syncing with iTunes 9.1 may erase any folders created on your device.

LLVM GCC and LLVM compiler are now included as optional compilers for iPhone development.
FIXED: By default, the LLVM Compiler 1.5 does not work correctly when targeting the simulator. To work around this issue:
You can add -Xclang -fobjc-nonfragileabi to the OTHER_CFLAGS build variables when targeting the simulator and using the LLVM Compiler 1.5 option.
FIXED: The definitions of the Standard and Optimized presets for the Architectures (ARCHS) build setting have changed. The new default settings are:
Standard: armv6 + armv7 – (Default: a universal binary compatible with all supported iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices)
Optimized: armv7 – (a thin binary requiring newer devices which support OpenGL ES 2.0, including iPhone 3GS, recent iPod touch and iPad devices)
FIXED: With the navigation core data template, after you hit a breakpoint on the simulator and then hit continue (or jump to the next step), the debugging session crashes with EXC_BAD_ACCESS.
Interface Builder
FIXED: Launching iPad applications in the simulator from within Interface Builder is not supported in this seed.
FIXED: Image thumbnails are not displayed when the ABPersonSetImageData function is called before assigning a value to the displayedPerson property of a ABPersonViewController object.
FIXED: The camera (photo/video) and screen shots functionality is broken.
Core Audio
FIXED: Applications currently using GameKit voice chat may experience an echo.
Core Graphics
CGFontCreateWithFontName can hang in some circumstances when using the UIAppFonts key in the Info.plist.
Core Foundation
FIXED: A dyld:: Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_NSURL message occurs when launching an iPhone OS 4.0 application on the iPhone OS 3.2 simulator.
Core Location
FIXED: Starting location services using the startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges method does not result in the delivery of location updates under some circumstances.
FIXED: The desiredPlayers property has been removed from the GKMatchRequest class
FIXED: Matchmaking may occasionally fail. A workaround is to wait three seconds before hitting play when matchmaking in the game.
FIXED: GameKitBeta.h has been renamed to GameKitPreview.h. This will break existing projects that link against GameKitBeta.h. Please recompile as needed.
Mail now supports the following RFC extensions:
ESEARCH (4731)
8BITMIME (1652)
The MPMoviePlayerController class changed behavior in iPhone OS 3.2. The behavior of this class is as follows:
In iPhone SDK 3.1.x and earlier, the movie player always plays full screen.
In iPhone SDK 3.2 and later, you must embed the movie player’s view into your application’s interface. (This behavior applies to iPhone, iPad, and Universal applications.)
If you link a Universal application against iPhone SDK 3.2, you must be prepared to embed the movie player view in your interface when running on iPhone OS 4.0 and later. In this specific case, the value of the userInterfaceIdiom property is not a reliable way to determine the behavior of the media player controller. Instead, you should use weak-linking checks to determine if the newer methods are available. For more information on how to perform these checks, see SDK Compatibility Guide.
In iPhone OS 3.2 and later, the MPMoviePlayerController class now defaults to share the application’s audio session for audio playback and related audio behaviors. This allows the movie player’s audio to mix with the rest of the application’s audio, as well as to conform to the behaviors of the application audio session’s audio category (such as mixing with other applications’ audio and/or obeying the Silent Switch). In iPhone OS 3.1.3 and earlier, this class always uses a system-supplied audio session. To obtain that same behavior in iPhone OS 3.2 and later, you must set the useApplicationAudioSession property of the movie player controller object to NO. Please refer to the Audio Session Programming Guide, including the “Working with Movies and iPod Music” section, and the MPMoviePlayerController Class Reference for more about audio sessions and their behaviors with MPMoviePlayerController.
FIXED: MPMoviePlayerController using the UIScreen APIs may not display the expected output when trying to play a movie after calling the setFullscreen:animated: method of the movie player controller with the value YES for the fullscreen parameter.
Your device will not appear in Find My iPhone at me.com. You will not be able to locate, display a message, remotely lock or remotely wipe your device with this beta version of iPhone OS.
In this and future releases, there are changes to networking behavior for suspended apps:
Cancel any Bonjour-related services before being suspended.] When your application moves to the background, and before it is suspended, it should unregister from Bonjour and close listening sockets associated with any network services. A suspended application cannot respond to incoming service requests anyway. Closing out those services prevents them from appearing to be available when they actually are not. If you do not close out Bonjour services yourself, the system closes out those services automatically when your application is suspended.
Be prepared to handle connection failures in your network-based sockets.] The system may tear down socket connections while your application is suspended for any number of reasons. As long as your socket-based code is prepared for other types of network failures, such as a lost signal or network transition, this should not lead to any unusual problems. When your application resumes, if it encounters a failure upon using a socket, simply reestablish the connection.
In Beta 3, you can test this behavior by switching away from your app, then pressing the lock button.
FIXED: The time limit for task completion has changed from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
In order to preserve the user’s context when switching between apps, applications linked on or after iPhone OS 4.0 will no longer automatically cancel alerts and action sheets when the application is sent to the background.
Music Library
FIXED: None of the free songs of the week, purchased and downloaded, appear in the Purchased playlist in the iPod application after the database update. Can’t find the songs using search also.

The iPhone OS Simulator can now simulate multiple iPhone OS versions from a single build. Currently the simulator supports iPhone OS 3.2 and 4.0, allowing simulation of a single Universal binary on both iPad and iPhone Simulators.
FIXED: You may experience an unresponsive pixel area at the top of the simulator for UITouch events.

FIXED: UIInvalidBackgroundTask has been renamed to UIBackgroundTaskInvalid
FIXED: On iPhone 3G devices, scheduled local notifications may not fire.
FIXED: The presentOpenInMenuFromRect:inView:animated: and presentOpenInMenuFromBarButtonItem:animated: methods of UIDocumentInteractionController may not open the selected application.
FIXED: On iPhone OS 4.0, applications that add a text field to a UIAlertView will need to stop moving the UIAlertView by hand to avoid layout issues.
NEW: Setting animatable properties inside transition animation block may not work.
NEW: Tile backgrounds created with the colorWithPatternImage: method of UIColor appear with the image upside down. This is correct behavior, as the pattern and normal coordinate spaces now match.

UIKit ImagePicker
FIXED: UIImagePickerController objects may not draw the image at the expected size.
UIKit Text
FIXED: When setting a password, the cursor may blink on the last letter.
The Text Input System never calls the methods found in the documentation under the “Determining Layout and Writing Direction” category.

UI Automation
FIXED: Choosing the “Automation” instrument, or loading the Automation template in Instruments will fail to load correctly. To work around this problem, open Terminal and run this command:
echo ‘<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?><!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC “-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN” “http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd”><plist version=”1.0″><array><string>/tmp/</string></array></plist>’ > ~/Library/Application\ Support/Instruments/PreviousScripts
If your default shell is csh, you will have to put a backslash in front of the exclamation point.
FIXED: The UI Automation instrument may fail when targeting the Simulator without the following preferences set first:
defaults write ~/Library/Application\ Support/iPhone\ Simulator/4.0/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Accessibility AccessibilityEnabled -bool YES
defaults write ~/Library/Application\ Support/iPhone\ Simulator/4.0/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Accessibility ApplicationAccessibilityEnabled -bool YES


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